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Let’s build something amazing together.

I am here to make a significant and lasting association with my client.

harishbabry.com and askharish.com are the online homes of Harish B.—

Engineer, designer, developer, marketer, perpetual entrepreneur, aspiring AI researcher, a husband and father.

👋 I’m a Telecom Engineer with experience design and building large telecom infrastructure, detail designing and managing design team operations.

You can find me spending a lot of my free time with my online homes and mentoring students who want to get started in digital marketing, new income streams, and websites.

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Two decades of hands-on understanding and thousands of manhours in spend have yielded an assorted range of abilities that addresses pretty much every capacity. This is a partial list.

Oil and gas

  • Front End Engineering
  • Detailed Design / Interface Management / Construction Support
  • Proposal / Tender / Bids
  • Technical Solution develovement
  • Project Management


  • Design Management
  • Contract
  • Detail Design / Procurement / Vendor Management
  • Review, Approval, Monitoring and Control
  • System Installation / Configuration / Commissioning


  • Network Operation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Network / Equipment Installation / configuration
  • VSAT Network, VSAT Hub Operation
  • Network design


IT Man-hours

Railways Man-hours

Oil & Gas Man-hours

Learnt from Thousands of Engineering Man-hours in over 38 projects.

Proudly worked for


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Featured Personality

Meet amazingly talented people.

Durga Prasad

My father who was passionate about oil paste colour painting. Once these paintings were his full-time profession. He was very famous once upon a time among leading Architects in Delhi. This profession perished slowly due to AutoCAD but not his passion. Some of the work preserved in my memory.

Nigar Yasmin

Process Engineer, Fluor, Uk.

AIE will guide you through all processes and eliminate the complexity of interfaces.





 AIE will drastically reduce Engineering timeline





 AIE will Eliminate Stalling Engineering Issues





By 2029, the project manager’s job will be taken by AI!!

Time is now!

Let’s get creative!

And build a system that can change the face of Engineering.



A monocular magnifies a far distance object by zooming into when light passes through adjustable parameters of lenses.

Similarly, a monocular vision concept is to look into the future a specific dream event and realising it in the present day through visualisation. Here we will be adjusting our thoughts, feelings and emotions using simple tools and processes like lenses in monoculars.

Monocular vision will make the future dream event a reality!!

Coming Soon!